Research Based Relationship Repair Orlando

Are you in a relationship, but feel

Like roommates instead of a couple?
Alienated from your partner?
Defensive around your partner?
Passively helpless in creating intimacy and/or closeness?
The focus in your relationship is blame and criticism?
Isolated and alone?

 Orlando Marriage Counseling – Orlando Relationship Counseling

Relationships form the very fabric of life. It is not unusual for most long-term relationships to fall into repetitive patterns of negativity along the stressful journey of meeting the demands of life today. When we lose meaningful touch in our important relationships we feel lonely and frustrated. When that disconnection becomes chronic, relationships are at risk of failing. At Orlando Relationship Consulting, we help identify and remove those stuck patterns so that people can feel seen, heard, and understood. We open the doors for reconnection and create opportunities for bonding by providing research-based relationship therapy utilizing the Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples Model.

Orlando relationship counselor Catherine Bronza is certified as a relationship therapist through the International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples.   She is also credentialed through that organization as a Supervisor for therapists learning the EFT model. Additionally, she has been awarded the international Family Firm Institute’s Certificate in family business consulting.   Catherine Bronza offers:

Orlando Marriage Counseling -Couple and Family Counseling, including weekend relationship retreats in downtown Winter Park, Florida. 

Individual and Group Supervision for therapists learning the EFT Model

Continuing Education (with State of Fla Dept of Health Credit) for therapists learning the EFT Model

Family Business Consulting (


The health of your primary relationships are your most important assets in life.

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